Eyelash Extension

We have the best quality in Bali.

It'll make you look and feel gorgeous day and night.

eyelash extension
  • Its time to free yourself from the time consuming, the frustration of and damage associated with eyelash curlers and mascara. After your eyelash extensions have been attached you wont feel them on your eyelids, no matter what you do.

    We use the best glue and soft eyelash extensions that feel like silk.
    We will create your eyelash extensions carefully with individual lashes that are attached to your own lashes without damaging your own eyelashes.

    Regular Eyelash Extensions with individually applied lashes. Will last 3 -4 weeks
    Deluxe Eyelash Extensions. Uses a higher quality glue that is good for sensitive skin and lasts much longer 4 -6 weeks. Trial. Enhance your eyes with 50 eyelash extensions to each eye (100 pieces total) It will last 2-3 weeks.

    Natural C ~ Naturally curved to give a natural look to eyes 9mm ~ 11mm
    Natural J ~ Naturally curly lashes 9mm ~11mm
    Gorgeous ~ Long and curly lashes to make eyes look bigger 9mm ~ 13mm
    Camel ~ Long and curved lashes uses a mix of natural C & J 9mm ~ 11mm


    Allergy, Sensitive

    Rp 435,000

    Make full eyelash extension one by one.

    It'll stay about 2~4 weeks

    (Members price) Rp. 350,000



    Rp 525,000

    Special New Glue. Stay Longer.

    High Quality. It'll stay about 3~6 weeks.

    (Members Price) Rp. 480,000



    Rp 265,000

    ~100p (~50p+~50p) with Sensitive glue

    Deluxe Glue:+Rp88000

    It'll stay about 1~2 weeks.

    (Members Price) Rp. 220,000

*The price is excluding 15% government and service taxes.

Choose style what do you like!

Natural C

Natural C

It's beautiful eyes

like a doll.

C-curl 9mm-11mm

Natural J

Natural J

It's look natural

curly eyes.

J-curl 9mm-11mm

long type - with 13mm



It's gorgeus eyes

with long lashes

C-curl 9mm-13mm



It's looks sexy eyes

C-curl 9mm-11mm

J-curl 9mm-11mm

long type -with13mm

If you'd like to thick more and volume!


+ RP 50,000

★ Choose Rin Service (Japanese)   + RP 50,000

Flow of Eyelash Extension


Consulting with staff about your eyelash design.

arrow flow

Clean your eyelash, remove dirt and oil and old eyelash extensions.

arrow flow

Use protective tape for eyelash protection.


Put the eyelashes extension one by one carefully using the glue.

arrow flow

Make your eyelash style (curl shape, lenghts e.t.c)

arrow flow

Done. Consulting with stuff about your aftercare treatment.

Gallery of Eyelash Extension

Selected Materials of Eyelash Extension

Eyelash treatment essence


Increase the length of your eyelash; Protect and strenghten your eyelash; Enrich your eyelash.

Eyelash Glue


We use Japanese-made products of high quality carefully selected.

Facial cleansing gel


Gel type of oil-free. You can use it even if the extension. (Made in Japan)

Facial cleansing foam


Arrange it washes off the dirt in the oil-free foam. (Made in Japan)

Eyelash brush


Arrange the eyelashes of bedhead.