Eyelash Extensions

Safe and comfortable eyelashes by using exclusive Japanese products and best application technique

About Eyelash Extensions

Who ever said that you can’t wake up to thick, long and volume eyelashes? Bid farewell to your eye curlers and mascaras that can potentially damage your real eyelashes. With the best alternative of eyelash extensions, you can now free yourself from the time consuming and frustration of applying your mascaras to achieve that full effect.

Not every salon in the market offers you the same quality and method of application. We focuses on providing not only the highest quality of products but also the practice the most safest technique of eyelash extensions application.

With promising glue and soft eyelash extensions exclusively imported from Japan, you will feel comfortable throughout the day no matter what your activity is! We will create your eyelash extensions meticulously by attaching eyelash extensions to your individual real eyelashes without damaging them.


Full Set - Allergy, Sensitive - Glue

This's good for who has type of allergy or sensitive skin and eyes.(about 2hours)

Last long for 2~4 weeks

Rp 435,000

Members price Rp 350,000

Full Set - Deluxe - Glue

This is our recommend best glue. Last longer! High Quality!(about 2hours)

It'll stay about 4~6 weeks.)

Rp 525,000

Members price Rp 480,000

Full Set - Russian Volume

Russian Volume Lashes are small fans created using 3 or more lash extensions (3-5D or more) to 1 natural lash.

Rp 625,000

Refill - Rp 453,000

Refill, Half Set - 100p Sensitive - Glue

It's each of eyes for 50 pieces.

It'll last long for about 2 weeks.

Rp 265,000

Deluxe Glue:+Rp88,000

Members price Rp 220,000

Trial, Refill

~100p (~50p+~50p) with Sensitive glue(about 1hour)

It'll stay about 1~2 weeks.

Rp 265,000

Deluxe Glue:+Rp88,000

Members price Rp 220,000


One Color Gel Nail with Eyelash Extension

Rp 700,000


Natural C

Curly Type Help to Give a Cute Look to Eyes

C-curl 9mm-11mm


Long and Curly Lashes to Make Eyes Look Bigger

C-curl 9mm-13mm

Natural J

It's look natural curly eyes.

J-curl 9mm-11mm

long type - with 13mm


Long & Curved Lashes Uses a Mix of Natural C & J

C-curl 9mm-11mm/J-curl 9mm-11mm

long type -with 13mm

*The price is excluding 15% government and service taxes.

Flow of Eyelash Extensions

flow 1

Consulting with staff about your eyelash design.

flow 2

Clean your eyelash, remove dirt and oil and old eyelash extensions.

flow 3

Use protective tape for eyelash protection.

flow 4

Put the eyelashes extension one by one carefully using the glue.

flow 5

Make your eyelash style (curl shape, lenghts e.t.c)

flow 6

Done. Consulting with stuff about your aftercare treatment.

Selected Materialsof Eyelash Extensions

facial cleansing gel

Facial cleansing gel

Gel type of oil-free. You can use it even if the extension. (Made in Japan)

eyelash treatment essence

Eyelash Treatment Essence

Increase the length of your eyelash; Protect and strenghten your eyelash; Enrich your eyelash.

eyelash glue

Eyelash Glue

We use Japanese-made products of high quality carefully selected.

eyelash brush

Eyelash brush

Arrange the eyelashes of bedhead.

facial cleansing foam

Facial cleansing foam

Arrange it washes off the dirt in the oil-free foam. (Made in Japan)