Gel Nail Art

Enjoy the gel nails with Japanese products for Bali price.

About Gel Nail Art

Keep your hands sizzling and beautiful with the freshest gel and cuticle care! Our nail service gives off a stunning shiny finish that lasts between 20-30 days.

With Japan being the most updated and trendiest country in the nail trend, you can certainly depend on us to provide you with the latest Japanese nail art designs! If you want protect your natural nails from damaging, gel nails can provide the strength and also help them grow.


Simple Style(about 1hour)

Cuticule Care

Nail care

One color Gel Nail

Rp 305,000

Members price Rp 265,000

Standard Style(about 2hours)

Cuticule Care

Nail care

Gel Nail art

Decoration Stone~10p

Rp 350,000

Members price Rp 310,000

Gorgeus Style(about 2.5hours)

Cuticule Care

Nail care

Gel Nail art

Decoration Stone ~50p

Art nateruaks(stickerm special parts ~6p)

Rp 400,000

Members price Rp 350,000

Nail Extensions (10P)

Rp 180,000


Rp 100,000

Add decoration stones ~30p and art materials (sticker, special parts) ~5p

Rp 50,000


One Color Gel Nail with Eyelash Extension

Rp 700,000

*The price is excluding 15% government and service taxes.

Flow of Gel Nail Art

flow 1

First of all you choose design from nail magazine and make a pre-treatment of the nail.

flow 2

Filing nails and cuticle care.

flow 3

Put base gel.

flow 4

There is no effect to the skin and then curing the gel with UV lamp.

flow 5

Our therapist paint the color gel to match design you choose.

flow 6

Coloring your design.

flow 7

Decorate your nails using stones, glitter e.t.c

flow 8

Apply top coat gel in order to get the gloss and strength.

flow 9


Selected Materialsof Gel Nail Art

Nail Decoration

Decoration of Nail

Strengten, stay long, glossy.

Nail Gel

Gel of Nail

Rich color variations and Rich decoration palette.